Akiba Antiques Presents Decorative Art, Glassware, and Haitian Fine Art

Published September 14th, 2021 by Akiba Galleries

Akiba Antiques’ upcoming September’s Finest sale will highlight fine art from 20th-century and contemporary Haitian artists. A signed painting from Andre Pierre particularly stands out. The piece depicts a siren queen rising from the ocean with her arms in the air. To the right, a man steps partially into the water to lift a fish. Before he entered the art world, Pierre was a farmer and Vodou practitioner. He often used his oil paintings to capture deities and explore religious themes. The auction catalog features other pieces of Haitian fine art, including works by Etienne Henri, Henry Robert Brésil, and Louisiane Saint Fleurant.

Beyond fine art, the September’s Finest auction offers a selection of decorative art and furniture. Glass collectors can consider a pair of 19th-century Persian candle lusters. Cut crystals hang over the bottom halves to conceal enamel and glass stems. At the center of each cluster are enameled Iranian Lion and Sun emblems. Laurel wreaths surround the crowned lions, each of which holds a curved sword. A Fabergé-style nephrite clock, several Falling Man sculptures by Ernest Trova, and carved Chinese jades are also available. For the complete catalog and to place a bid, visit LiveAuctioneers.

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