Alex Katz Lithograph, Jewel-Inlaid Turkish Dagger Available With Akiba Antiques

Published July 12th, 2022 by Akiba Galleries

Akiba Antiques’ upcoming Summer tour event will feature an ornate 18th-century Turkish dagger inlaid with coral and turquoise. During the 18th century, the Ottoman Empire ruled present-day Turkey and enjoyed a generation of peace after an intense warring period. The printing press, Western-style artillery, and technical education all rose to prominence. Craftspeople still committed to the old ways, however, and brought exquisite details to everyday objects. The available dagger, designed to be both a cutter and a melee weapon, features gold accents, a swirling inscription, and bands of floral arabesques. Also notable is an antique gold inlaid Mughal dagger from India. The 18th-century piece includes a wood handle carved to resemble a peacock and detailed animal motifs on the blade.

A 1971 lithograph from Alex Katz is available as well. Known for his Pop colors and sleek lines, Katz has bridged the gap between advertising and fine art since the 1950s. He has given particular attention to landscape works depicting his homes in SoHo and Maine. The available Katz lithograph reflects the artist’s interest in natural scenes. He applied cyan and neon green to the work, drawing attention to a tree branch arching above trees and water. A selection of mixed media paintings by American outsider artist Purvis Young is also available. Like all works by the painter, the available lots were executed on found materials like tarps and scraps of cardboard. For the complete catalog and to place a bid, visit LiveAuctioneers.

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