Antique Burmese Silver Bowl

Published August 22nd, 2016 by Unknown

Over the weekend we acquired this exquisitely detailed antique Burmese silver bowl. It is striking at how deep the repousse renderings are, making the depicting nearly three dimensional, allowing the story told to nearly come alive.

DESCRIPTION: An intricately detailed Burmese silver bowl. Features deep repousse scenes of regal figures on chariots, divine seated Vairocanas, figures limbing on trees, others with spears, along with figures seated in prayer, backed by trees. Finished with foliage designs along the top and bottom of the scens and rets on three feet. Tested silver.

CIRCA: 19th Ct.


DIMENSIONS:H:6.35″ Diameter:11.5″ Total Weight:1,136 Grams

This piece will be featured in our upcoming September sale with catalogue and date to be posted later this week!

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