Antique Odiot Sterling & Crystal Decanter

Published August 10th, 2016 by Unknown

DESCRIPTION: Antique Odiot sterling and crystal decanter. Features a figural melusine handle, or winged mermaid, wrapped in olive branches, enveloping the neck of the decanter. The overall decanter has a bulbous shape, and base is overlaid in silver as well. Finished with a faceted crystal stopper with a controlled interior bubble. Marked with 19th Ct. Odiot sterling marks.

During the reign of Louis XV, in 1690, the House of Odiot was founded by, Jean-Baptiste Gaspard Odiot.

In the nineteenth century, grandson of Jean Baptiste Gaspard Odiot, Jean Baptiste Claude, was highly motivated and influenced in his works by the return of the Empire and Directoire styles. Neoclassical motifs as in Ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian through lines purveyed Odiot designs in the nineteenth century.

This piece was acquired from a Miami Beach Estate. Now available for bids on the following platforms:,,, and for absentee and telephone bids: for our August 16th sale at 3:00 p.m. ET.

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