Attributed to Demetre Chiparus (Romanian 1886-1947)

Published August 11th, 2016 by Unknown

DESCRIPTION: Art Deco bronze sculpture from the Edmond Etling and Cie Foundry in Paris. Features a woman whispering into the ear of another woman, both dressed in lavish polychromed dresses with gilded accents. Rests on an onyx base with marble design along the front. Signed:”D.H. Chiparus” and a “Etling Paris” foundry mark.

Often seen as a pioneer and catalyst of the Art Deco movement Demetre Chiparus (Romanian 1886-1947), sculpted an array of cold painted bronzes with ivory faces and limbs. From exotic dancers from all over the globe, to neoclassical motifs, to Greco-Roman mythology, one things stays constant, the hands, feet, and faces, sculpted with the utmost precision.

Demetre Chiparus primarily worked with the Edmond Etling and Cie Foundry in Paris. “He then sold the reproduction rights to prestigious Parisian workshops & foundries such as Edmond Etling & Cie, and Les Neveux de J. Lehmann. These high quality workshops and foundries then produced multiples of these figures, which feature very high quality castings demonstrating the great detail in the costumes and truly recreate the life and movement in Chiparus figures.” (

This piece was acquired from the estate of a prominent art collector in Miami Beach, Florida. Now available for bids on the following platforms:,,, and for absentee and telephone bids: for our August 16th sale at 3:00 p.m. ET

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