Auguste Guilbert-Martin (French 1825-1900)

Published August 4th, 2016 by Unknown

DESCRIPTION: A monumental framed mosaic by Auguste Guilbert-Martin titled:” Venise Recevant Les Tresors De L’Adriatique” or,” Venus Recieving the Treasures of the Adriatic” after Giovanni Battista Tieplo. Features an exquisitely detailed rendering of the Mythological goddess Venus, laying in a bed with a beast by her side and scepter in her hand, while pointing towards Poseidon, seen dropping a treasure filled cornucopia by her feet. Finished with a gilded background hue with vibrantly colored mosaic tiles and set in a parcel-gilt ebonised frame. Monogrammed:”GM” on the bottom left corner.

PROVENANCE: Purchased at Christie’s New York in 2005. Copy of original shipping estimate with Christie’s letterhead available.

DIMENSIONS:(Overall) H:49.25″ L:90″

Auguste Guilbert- Martin’s commissioned work is still on display throughout France such as in Louis Pasteur’s tomb in classical Byzantine style with high arching domes, Greco-Roman columns, and of course Martin’s mosaic depicting the discoveries and expedition of Pasteur. Further works by Martin as well as his workshop can be seen in the reception hall of the Musee-National de la Porcelaine, Adrien Dubouche, Limoges and in Italy, in the Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

One of his most impressive works, completed in 1893 is a monumental mosaic titled: “La Mosaique de Lameire”. Depicts a Biblical scene of Christ and the apostles, embellishing the Church of La Madeleine in Paris. Although this piece was originally designed by Charles-Joseph Lameire and manufactured by Sevres, Martin is accredited with the direction of the mosaic.

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