From Chinese Furniture to Russian Icons: Akiba Antiques Greets 2022

Published January 11th, 2022 by Akiba Galleries

Akiba Antiques’ early January sale surveys eclectic fine art, furniture, and rarities from around the world. Leading the catalog is a late 18th-century Chinese hardwood scroll table. During this period in Chinese history, Qing dynasty nobles favored elaborate details and luminous hardwoods for their furnishings. The available table reflects these preferences. Its key details include extensive openwork carving, cloisonné enamel decorations, and lotus plaques. Additional furniture items in this auction are from India. They range from a red cinnabar low table to a hand-carved room divider.

In this sale, Akiba Antiques also offers luxury jewelry, stained glass windows, and a sampling of Russian icons. One available Russian icon shows a popular arrangement of Madonna and Child. The figures’ faces and hands have detailed shading and color; silver drapery covers their bodies. This icon bears notable enamel details along the border and in the figures’ halos. Religious art appears later in the catalog in the form of antique stained glass church windows. Designed to awe and tell stories, these church windows reflect the style and sensibilities of 20th-century North American congregations. For the listings of paintings, fiber art, and jewelry, visit LiveAuctioneers.

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