Imperial Bronze Gilt Chair from “La Belle Epoque”

Published August 11th, 2014 by Unknown

La Belle Epoque was an era in French history marked for its flourishing in the arts, ideology and furniture. This era before World War I was an age for sanguinity and tranquility that allowed masterpieces in art and luxury to thrive and characterize not only a forward thinking society but a country as a whole. Akiba Antiques is renowned for specializing in acquiring items from this era and is proud to offer this gilded bronze chair with black velvet that is impeccable condition allowing one to not only be reveled by its aesthetics but to travel back to a nostalgic era that one in today’s world can only fantasize about. own

This original 19th century piece was acquired from the Star Island estate of Harvard graduate and real estate venture capitalist Thomas Kramer, responsible for re-developing South Beach by Sotheby’s in the nineties. Akiba Antiques then procured it from Sotheby’s after appreciating the artistry and time period from which the chair had come from. It allows for a regal sense to be felt in any room or collection with its ornate designs and black velvet cushions located on the arm rests and frame. This piece will be available the 27th of August 2014 in our upcoming auction allowing for its future owner to possess a piece that speaks for the era from which it came, the “Beautiful Era”.

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