Lucky Numbers: Chinese Jade Censers and Viennese Clocks at Akiba Antiques

Published March 29th, 2022 by Akiba Galleries

With a history that dates back to the Western Han dynasty (c. 200 BCE), Chinese jade censers have long served multiple purposes. These intricate vessels hold incense in place while evoking mist-wrapped mountains and other artistic forms. A notable pair of lavender jadeite carved Chinese jade censers is available with Akiba Antiques in the upcoming Lucky Numbers event. These highly articulated censers feature delicate lotus flowers and a domed finial. They were previously held by the Lyman Museum of Hilo, Hawai’i. Other Asian items in the catalog include a Chinese jade and Zitan wood ruyi, Meiji-era Japanese vases, and other carved pieces of jade. Gilt bronze Buddha statues are on offer as well.

From the European continent comes a selection of Viennese clocks. Highly accurate regulator clocks exploded in popularity during the mid-18th century. Vienna quickly emerged as a creative destination for clockmaking and remained so for decades. Akiba Antiques will offer a miniature Viennese clock from the 19th century in this auction. Decorated with silver and enamel, the clock shows idyllic mythological scenes dotted with angelic cherubs. Another key Viennese clock in the catalog more closely resembles sculpture than many timepieces; a seated woman made of silver leans on a table while reading a novel. The clock face is discreetly positioned on one side of her bejeweled table. Find the complete listings and register to bid on LiveAuctioneers.

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