Pietro Bazzanti (Italian 1842-1881)

Published August 12th, 2016 by Unknown

DESCRIPTION: White marble sculpture titled: “Romeo E Guilietta” by Pietro Bazzanti. Features Guilietta leaning against a column, while being embraced by Romeo seated next to her above the column, while presenting her with a rose. Signed:”P. Bazzanti Florence” and “Emily” on verso and in the front:”Romeo E Guilietta”.

CIRCA: 19th Ct.


DIMENSIONS:H:30.5″ L:14″ W:10″

Regarded as one of the most prolific marble sculptors in his time, Bazzanti’s studios paved the way for other regarded artist such as Ferdinando Vichi, Cesare Lapini and Guglielmo Pugi to experiment. Keeping to allegorical motifs such as seen here with Romeo and Juliette, or other neoclassical themes and classic Roman motifs. Along with renaissance motifs, the Empire Revival movement influenced Bazzanti’s Egyptian motifs as seen in his craftsmanship of tombs along the Florentine cemetery.

We recently acquired this piece from a Antique collector in Miami, Florida.

This piece is now available for bids on the following bidding platforms: liveauctioneers.com, invaluable.com, thesaleroom.com and for absentee and telephone bidding, akibaantiques.com for our August 16th sale at 3:00 pm ET.

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