Property From The Estate of John Cassara Oyster Bay, New York Join us as we honor the life and legacy of John Victor Cassara, a distinguished figure whose indelible mark on the insurance industry and the arts will forever resonate. As the Chief Executive Officer of Brownstone Agency, John's leadership and innovation shaped the landscape of insurance, particularly with his creation of specialized insurance products for the unique Brownstone communities of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Boston Proper. His expertise extended beyond the boardroom; he was a connoisseur of classical music, a skilled violinist since childhood, and an avid patron of the arts. Beyond business acumen, John's generous spirit touched countless lives, evident in his unwavering support for charitable organizations and his steadfast care for family, friends, and colleagues. This exclusive auction offers a glimpse into John's extraordinary life, featuring his cherished collection of Murano glass, exquisite Rolex and Patek men's watches, rare Reginald Marsh paintings, Antique Chinese artifacts, French furniture, all sourced from his Oyster Bay, NY Estate. Join us as we celebrate the life of a visionary, mentor, and friend, whose influence will endure for generations to come.

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