In the world of fashion and photography, the name "Tyen" stands as an icon of creativity and innovation. Renowned for his exceptional work with Christian Dior, Tyen was more than just a photographer; he was an artist who transformed fashion photography into a realm of artistic expression. Through his lens, he captured the essence of elegance, beauty, and sophistication that defined the Christian Dior brand. A photographer, makeup design director and master of color, Tyen has worked for over 30 years with the House of Dior to create some of its most enduring images and products. His Palm Beach residence is a stunning testament to the architectural beauty and timeless charm designed by Addison Mizner. Mizner, known for his Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival styles, created a distinctive aesthetic that perfectly complemented the lush surroundings and serene ambiance of Palm Beach. Inside Tyen's Mizner-designed house, one could find a breathtaking collection of art, furniture, and artifacts from various cultures and periods. Tyen's creative mind and artistic sensibility were evident throughout the interior, as he curated a captivating blend of styles that reflected his diverse interests and inspirations. This auction will feature French Gothic Revival Furniture, Renaissance Furniture, Chinese Antiquities, Religious Artifacts, Mourning/Curiosity Collectables and much much more. This collection is a living testament to the harmonious blend of architectural brilliance and eclectic artistic tastes. Tyen's home became an embodiment of his creative spirit. The diverse and carefully curated collection of artifacts within Mizner's architectural masterpiece provided Tyen with an inspiring haven where he could find solace, creativity, and a unique environment for his photography. Through this unique living space, Tyen's artistic legacy continues to inspire those who appreciate both architectural beauty and the power of artistic expression.

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